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Structure = Architecture?โ€‹

Architecture defines abstractions and relations between them (shared/features/pages/...)

But without a proper structure, it's difficult to design a good architecture

Do I need a methodology only for "understanding and clarity" of what is happening in the project?โ€‹

Rather yes than no

Otherwise, you have to read huge directories components/...

Does a novice developer need an architecture/methodology?โ€‹

Rather yes than no

Usually, when you design and develop a project in one person, everything goes smoothly. But if there are pauses in development, new developers are added to the team - then problems come

Why do we need another methodology when everything is based on principles?โ€‹

Answered here

Where can I find examples of applying the methodology?โ€‹

There are only such ones in the public domain so far, not all of them have been fully adapted to the latest version

In the near future, the list will be updated and will be placed in a separate section

Also, you can get acquainted with our guides and tutorials

The project is written on feature-slices v1, how to update and is it worth it?โ€‹

Answered here

Can I embed pages/features/entities into each other?โ€‹

Answered here

How do I work with the authorization context?โ€‹

Answered here

What about Atomic Design?โ€‹

The current version of the methodology does not oblige, but also does not prohibit the use of Atomic Design together with Feature-Sliced Design

At the same time, Atomic Design is well applied for the ui segment of modules

What is the difference between feature and entity?โ€‹

  • Entity - business entity
    • blog-post / user / order / product / ...
  • Feature - business feature, action on an entity
    • create-blog-post / login-by-oauth / edit-account / publish-video / ...

See also comparison reference, viewer implementation of logic by layers

Where to store the layout/template of pages?โ€‹

It is better to store general templates for markup in shared/ui, but there are different cases

Will there be a toolkit / linters?โ€‹

It will be, at the moment - in development =)

For now, to sort / prohibit imports, you can use

  • eslint-plugin-import
  • eslint-plugin-simple-import-sort
  • eslint-plugin-boundaries
  • dependency-cruiser

See basic config example

Can I store the features used on one page directly in the page directory?โ€‹

The methodology strongly recommends against doing this, since each module has a corresponding place in the structure

Otherwise , there is a risk of complicating the project's code base

"Today, the feature can only be used on one page. Next week - on three. And in a month - it may be removed at all. We cannot predict the future, and we need to refrain from premature optimizations every time"

See also the example from tutorial