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Due to the fact that each developer has his own experience and development context - we are used to calling the same entities differently, which can lead to misunderstandings within the team.

  • Components to be displayed - ui / components / ui-kit / views / ...
  • Code reusable in all parts of the application - the core/ shared / app / ...
  • Code business logic store / model / state / ...

Naming in FSDโ€‹

The methodology uses such terms as

  • app, process, page, feature, entity, shared - layers
  • ui, model, lib, api - segments

Within the framework of the methodology, each of these terms has a clear definition

When developing a project using the Feature-Sliced Design methodology, it is very important to adhere to the original naming, in order to avoid misunderstandings both among the team members and outside of it.

  • If a new developer comes to the project who is familiar with the methodology, he should see the terms already familiar to him
  • If you ask for help in the community, you will get an answer to your question faster, if you use the same terminology

When can naming interfere?โ€‹

When developing a project for displaying/building/modeling any processes, or developing an application for the layout of magazine pages, you may face the problem that the terms used in the methodology overlap with the terms that your business operates.

  • FSD#process vs simulated process in your application
  • FSD#page vs magazine page
  • FSD#model vs car model

Such name collisions can negatively affect the development process.

  • The developer, seeing the word process in the code, will spend extra time understanding which process is being discussed

  • When communicating within the development team, saying the word process, all participants in the conversation should clearly understand what is being discussed, about the process as a business entity or about the process from Feature-Sliced Design.

  • When communicating with business, developers sometimes use technical terms that the business is not familiar with. So the developer, using the term process, referring to the process from Feature-Sliced Design, will introduce a misunderstanding into the conversation, which may require additional time for clarification

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