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Types of knowledge in the project

In any project, you can distinguish certain types of knowledge

  • Fundamental knowledge
    Knowledge that practically does not change over time.
    Algorithms, computer science, the mechanisms of the YAP and its API, etc.

  • Technology stack
    Knowledge about the set of technical solutions used in the project.
    Programming languages, frameworks, libraries, etc.

  • Project knowledge
    Knowledge that is applicable exclusively within the framework of the current project.
    They are not transferred to the outside world in any way and, having left this project, you can forget about this knowledge.

    Naturally, this also works in the opposite direction โ€” to add a new person to the current project, you need to train him a certain minimum amount of this project knowledge - without which a new participant will not be able to perform useful work

Feature-Sliced Design aims to take on more responsibility from "project knowledge" so that people can get onboarded into teams and projects faster

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